Founder & Chief Instructor

Sifu (Master/Teacher) Wing Cheung is the founder of Tai chi, Qigong and Feng Shui Institute. Since the age of six, he learned martial arts starting with Northern Shaolin Kung Fu from his father who was a kung fu and tai chi master as well as a kick boxer. He won the 1969 Canton Province Kick Boxing Championship. Sifu Cheung followed in his father’s footsteps and also became a champion, winning the Taichi Division of the 2005 National Kung Fu and Wushu Championship.

After suffering from a serious traffic accident in 1994, Sifu Cheung sought the help of Master Wu Jian Hua, a famous qigong healer. Since then Sifu Cheung has studied acupressure, traditional Chinese medical theory and different styles of qigong under Master Wu. For the past 15 years, he has travelled around the world to learn tai chi, qigong and other inner techniques from skilled teachers. He has invested much time, energy, and resources doing research on them with the latest biofeedback, neurofeedback, and quantum feedback equipment.

Sifu Cheung has devoted his life to spreading the wonders of qi around the world. Through his workshops, he has trained hundreds of Tai Chi Qigong instructors worldwide. He now teaches Tai Chi and Qigong, and works as a Feng Shui consultant to determine the auspicious flow of qi/energy in and around the house. He has developed and/or adapted a series of Taichi Qigong programs to help students learn Taichi and Qigong faster and ensure they can deepen their practice. His online Taiji and Qigong programs and in-person workshops are designed to ensure a progress path for his students. His teachings go beyond the physical aspect of this form of martial arts, he helps students develop subtle internal skills.