Andrea Stanley

Tai Chi Qigong Instructor

Andrea discovered Qigong some years ago after many years of practising yoga. Her journey since then has been mainly focused on Tai Chi Qigong; deepening her own personal practice as well as sharing the practice with others. She currently runs Qigong community classes in Oxford and delivers Qigong programmes for those in business and education as well as bespoke sessions to individuals.


Andrea has attended workshops run by Sifu Wing Cheung and has been taught by Catherine Burnett and Annie Cryar who are both senior instructors with Sifu Cheung. Andrea is a Certified Tai Chi Qigong Instructor and has a Diploma in Teaching Qigong from the Shiatsu College, London. Her approach to teaching Qigong is to engage with the simplicity of the soft, flowing movements and allow the Qigong to speak for itself.