Janette Saville

Phone. 01367 243958

Tai chi Qigong Workshop. Saturday, 23rd June 2018

1 day Workshop, morning and/or afternoon sessions. Beckley Village Hall, OX3 9UZ

A journey of mindfulness, stillness, moving meditation, and the breath. Contact Janette for more details of a day of personal study, contemplation, and exploration. The morning will be introductory/beginner and the afternoon more advance study, we will adapt the day to our studentʼs abilities.

I would be pleased to hear from groups who would like to set up introductory and beginner workshops for Tai Chi Qigong including Shibashi as a core movement. I am able to travel to your group within 20 mile radius around Oxford, in Oxfordshire.

I have been a student of Tai Chi since 2012. Learning Tai Chi has given me an inner strength to help deal with the complexities of life and the stresses of the world around us. It has also given me bodily strength, improving my stamina and increasing my flexibly. When I was ill in 2014, I believe I coped with surgery and subsequent radiotherapy, recovering quickly, because of my commitment to Tai Chi. I am truly indebted to my Tai Chi teacher who has always guided and supported me with kindness and patience.

I have studied Qigong Shibashi Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 with Sifu Wing Cheung and am now a certified instructor for each. Sifu has given me the inspiration and confidence to take the knowledge I have gained forward and I look forward to teaching others Qigong Shibashi for health and happiness.