Janice Zurzolo

Mob. 0408 489 068

Janice is a qualified Tai Chi Instructor and Fitness Instructor.

Janice began her Martial Arts journey in 1986 in the Martial Arts- Karate.  She holds a Black Belt in Karate.  She started her journey in Tai Chi in 2003 and has a Black Sash in Tai Chi.  She is an Instructor at her Training School.


Janice holds Gold medals from State and National Competitions in Tai Chi.

Official Australian Representative Team Member at 2012 World Traditional Wushu Championships.

One Bronze Medal at the 6th World Traditional Wushu Championship, 2014. Jiuhua Mountain, China.

Two Bronze Medals at the 7th World Kungfu Championships, 2017 in Emei-China.


Since attending workshops with Sifu Wing Cheung I have found  the seemingly easy, soft, subtle, flowing movements of Tai Chi/Qigong that make up Shibashi, mask the strength that is below the surface (internal, mind, breath, movement).


Janice also has trained in the energy healing arts of Reiki and Pellowah.

She is a qualified Aromatherapist/Massage therapist, Face masage/pressure point  treatments.  Trained in teaching Infant Massage to parents.

She also teaches the mind body movements of Chi Ball and brings the concepts of Tai Chi into her fitness classes for older/de-conditioned clients for strength and balance.


Janice works with Community Centres, Senior Citizens Centres, Private Groups and Corporate groups. I am in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.