Marianne Nakamura – Tai Chi in San Diego, Ca & Hawaii

Art, hula, surfing have defined my life. Qigong
and meditation have transformed it.

I have studied with Sifu Cheung since 2008 and have edited many of his instructional manuals. This training in qigong also includes various meditation techniques. What began as a journey to insure health has morphed into a path of increasing harmony in all aspects of my life.

The benefits gained from Sifu Cheung’s system are numerous and profound. What I have come to understand is that the wisdom and abilities I acquire are not for me. . . All good is to be shared.

It is my honor to be able to share his teachings with you. Together, we will work to initiate positive change and restore mind/body balance.

~ May you realize peace, health, and happiness ~


Qi Inspiration

Last year in Hawaii I taught a short qigong routine to a high school Special Ed class. This year the teacher wrote:

We do QiGong every day! The kids have improved tremendously. If you come and video, then compare it to the last video, you’d be tremendously amazed. Their gross motor skills have improved far beyond just the moves . . .

This makes my heart sing . . . These kids are such an inspiration. Their physical, mental and emotional challenges are enormous. Many of them don’t understand ‘impossible’, and they are not held back by self-analysis. Indeed, they have shown just what IS possible, and they have taught me a valuable lesson.

~ peace&aloha ~