Marina Quattrocchi

I’ve been teaching vinyasa flow yoga since 2003 a style incorporating qigong movements in every class, thanks to my yoga teacher Maureen Rae, a lover of all things qigong. I’ve lived with chronic pain for over 40 years, and when I first started going to a Toronto Pain Clinic, my doctor, Michael Zitney, suggested I find a qigong class because he felt it would help manage the pain. I looked for a teacher in the west end of Toronto for about six years, and realized there are very few people certified to teach qigong. I found Vera Stern through Toronto Parks and Recreation and after the very first class I was hooked. I loved the gentle flowing style she had learned from Sifu Wing Cheung and was thrilled when she explained qigong is considered Chinese yoga. I realized there are many similarities between qigong and the style of yoga I’d been teaching: breathing is cued for every movement, one movement flows into the other when you’re doing the Sibashi sets, meditation plays a huge role as it begins and ends every class, in fact, each move can be considered meditation in motion, and there are enormous physical, emotional and spiritual benefits if one practises regularly. After a few weeks of taking Vera’s classes I began to investigate teacher training.  I’ve now completed the Shibashi Level One and Level Two Teacher Training with Sifu Cheung.

My doctor years ago was absolutely right. While I’m teaching or practising qigong the pain will often completely go away. The ancient healing wisdom of qigong has given me peace, serenity, joy, enthusiasm, and a whole new lease on life, for which I will always be grateful.

I’ve been teaching introductory qigong classes at several Toronto Public Libraries. From June until mid September I run Qigong in the Garden in a beautiful perennial garden in Etobicoke, 45 Winnipeg Drive. These classes are held every Tuesday evening from 7 pm until 8:15. The first class is free and subsequent classes are $10. Classes are pay as you go and there is no commitment. For detailed information please visit my website

During the fall, winter and spring I teach qigong classes at the Unitarian Fellowship of Northwest Toronto, 55 St. Phillips Road in Etobicoke. Classes are Tuesday evenings from 7 pm until 8:15, and are pay as you go. For times and details please go to I’m also available for any group wishing to run qigong classes or for private sessions. For further information please e-mail