Marta Stojanovic

Welcome to my very own Qigong instructor page! What a treat! (thank you Sifu Cheung) My name is Marta Stojanovic (that should sound like Stoyanovitch) and I live in Ottawa, Canada.

Qigong came to my life in a funny way. A psychic friend of mine told me once, a long time ago, that I should try “Chi Kung” and I should go to Chinatown to do it. He noted the name on a piece of paper, and I tucked it somewhere and forgot about it.

A year later (2007), I went to a bookstore and by chance (if there is such a thing), I picked up Ken Cohen’s “The Way of Qi”. I brought it with me to a ski trip on Mont Tremblant and did some Qigong meditations from the book. The next day I felt so light, I was flying on my skis! It definitely worked, so the next thing I did was to search for Qigong classes in Ottawa. I found Master Philip Lai and he kindly let me do the Bridge form course. Since then I became a Qigong instructor with LAMAS Qigong. The classes are held on Saturday mornings at McNabb Recreation Centre (needless to say, in Chinatown).

That was only the beginning. Every time a Qigong master would come to town, I would try to make it to their seminars. That’s how I started doing Shibashi with Sifu Cheung. We are lucky to have him in Ottawa at least once a year. I am now certified Shibashi instructor and I teach Shibashi (1st set) at my workplace at lunch time. What a joy!

Qigong became the way of life and I am eager to keep learning …