The Tai-Qi Touch

Kashmira Raj and Dr. Brijesh Raj are Shibashi Level 3 instructors certified by Master Sifu Wing Cheung.

They run a class called The Tai-Qi Touch for adults and senior citizens. Their training in Taichi began in the year 2004 under the tutelage of Sifu Carlton Hill, and they are instructors in Carlton Hill’s Tao Taji Qigong (CHTTQ). They have also pioneered Taichi training for children in Mumbai, India along with Sifu Carlton Hill (CHTTQ). They have assisted Sifu Hill in numerous lecture demonstrations, workshops and retreats.

Kashmira Raj is a clinical psychologist who has worked for over twelve years in the health sector with Maharashtra and National AIDS Control Societies in the field of HIV/AIDS as master trainer and head of Targeted Intervention. She has also worked for UNICEF in the same field. She has had counselling experience in four hospitals prior to this. Dr. Brijesh Raj is a companion animal veterinarian working in Mumbai since the year 2000.

Health- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, has always been an area of keen interest for both. Having experienced Taichi’s benefits at all these levels, they aim to share them with as many people as possible.