Todd Housholder

In 1973 at the age of 21, I began to practice a meditation derived from Tibetan tradition. After 3 days I had a spontaneous awakening experience that lasted for about 2 weeks. A state of consciousness was shown to me that was beyond expression. I was lifted up, out, and above my body, into a sublime consciousness of divine love and interior expansion. My body was superbly functional and my senses sharpened, yet my interior being was almost unbearable love and unspeakable joy. My mind flowed between intense illuminations and probing the wondrous depths of the starry canopy of an interior universe. In the ensuing years I Have experienced many and varied episodes of a mystical nature. My life has been to understand such things and the world we live in, in modern terms, and to return to that state of being permanently. Qigong plays an integral part of that journey.