Certified Tai Chi Qigong Instructor Correspondence Course

Though I have taught in so many different countries, I still receive many requests to offer an instructor training correspondence course from those who are unable to attend the workshops I teach.  As technology advances, it has become possible for me to train qigong instructor online.  However, nothing can replace the experience of learning directly from a master.  Thus, I hope you will sign-up for this course only if you cannot attend my instructor training workshop.

This correspondence course consists of the 2 core programs that I have created:

  1. Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi Set 1 – Home Study Course to make sure you do the movements correctly.
  2. Qigong Mode and Tai Chi Posture Requirements Program to properly equip yourself with all the subtle details of qigong, so that you may qualify to teach others.

If you already have the above courses, then you only need to pay for the assessment.

The Assessment Consists of 3 parts:

  1. Form Assessment – Film yourself doing the form, and then send me the video. I will send you detailed instructions on how to film yourself, and how to send me the video.
  2. Concept Assessment – Answer questions based on the Qigong Mode and Tai Chi Posture Requirements Program to make sure you fully understand the teachings of this course. You may answer the questions by email or video.
  3. Teaching Assessment – Film yourself teaching someone a few movements of the form and some of the techniques from the Qigong Mode and Tai Chi Posture Requirements Program. Your student can be a friend.


Q. Is there a time limit on submitting my video for the exam?
A. No, take all the time you need to prepare.

Q. What if I fail the assessment?
A. Then you can sign up for the re-assessment and it only costs $80

Q. Will I receive feedback regarding my form?
A. Yes, definitely; I will send you a video feedback.

Q. Do I get support if I have any questions during the course?
A. Yes, indeed your emails will be answered with higher priority.

Please email qigong@taichi18.com if you have further questions about this course.

Different Packages Available:

25% discount if you are under 30 or above 70.  To claim your 25% coupon, simply send a photo of your ID that shows your birth date to qigong@taichi18.com

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