Qigong Mode and Tai Chi Posture Requirements

To many people, tai chi qigong simply looks like a slower version of an aerobic exercise.  How then does it have so many benefits?  It is because simply doing the movements correctly is not enough.  There are many subtle details behind those movements that most people cannot see.  For example: How should your toes be placed?  When you squat down, which part of your body should move first?  How light should your arms feel when you move?  What should your state of mind be when you are doing qigong?  …

This program teaches how to do qigong properly rather than just repeating the movements

You will learn:

  • The basic theory of qi and the different types of qigong
  • The major energy gateways of your body
  • The times to avoid doing qigong
  • A simply qigong for improving your digestive system so that your body can convert the food into qi properly
  • The detailed posture requirements to maximize qi flow in the body, and how to connect with both heaven and earth qi
  • Three qigong techniques to guide your mind to the proper qigong mind state which activates your self-healing ability
  • The basic dan tian breathing to stimulate all the meridians; once you make this your breathing habit, it is like doing qigong 24 hours a day

After this program, you will know how to:

  • Guide the qi in your body
  • Make your arms so light that they are like floating in the air
  • Sink the qi to the lower dan tian so that you will be much more grounded and stable
  • Relax the muscles and test if the student is relaxed or not
  • Move properly so that your movements synchronize with the qi flow, and apply this to daily life to save your energy

Furthermore, many people who practice Tai Chi suffer some degree of knee injury, because they do not know how to open the kua (pelvis).  In this program, not only you will learn 3 techniques to open and strengthen your kua, you will also learn how to move following the tai chi principle so that you will instantly become stronger and prevent stress on your knees.  See the video below:

Many of the techniques mentioned above are extracted from the different qigong and tai chi systems I have studied for the past 18 years.  They are the essence of what I teach at the Level I Instructor Training Workshop. What you learn from this program can be applied to many different styles of qigong and even to daily life activities – a must have for serious qigong practitioners.

Program includes:

  • 2.5 hours of instructional video
  • Instruction Manual
  • Subtitles available for the hearing impaired
  • Also available in MP4 format

Different Packages Available:

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