Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi – Set 1

Some benefits of the 1st Set:

  • Improves health
  • Increases energy, agility and flexibility
  • Loosens and strengthens joints and muscles
  • Controls weight
  • Rejuvenates body, mind and spirit
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves concentration and intuitive abilities
  • Controls emotions
  • Easy to learn
  • “I am totally amazed at how powerful this simple to follow program is……….The most significant benefit I have noticed is the constant magnetic feeling between my fingers and in the palms of my hands, its just oozing out of my being almost all day long. When I concentrate on my hands and slowly move my hands in a sweeping movement the chi is not only flowing there but right up my spinal cord also.” – Martin Kirwan of Drogheda, Ireland
  • “I have been practicing tai chi during the last 10 years and did several forms. I received the DVD a week ago. I am very happy with it and I can say it is a very good one for practicing easy tai chi. I prefer to do tai chi qigong above tai chi chuan. The last is more difficult for me to do (I have a chronic membrane infection in my left leg) and I discovered that with the easier way of tai chi qigong I have very good results. Again… thank you very much.” – E.Tiggelaar of Hoogeveen, Holland
  • “I have severe COPD. My last blood/O2 level has increased to 97 percent. Yesterday, my Doctor, who encourages my training, was grinning from ear to ear. My lungs were clear, my BP was normal, and my blood sugar was normal. I began with Tai Chi 3 years ago, and added your Qigong 18 months ago. This is the first time in 7 years that I have not met the deductible charges for my insurance. That speaks loudly.” – Larry Spencer of Richmond, Kentucky

View Sample Footage:

  • “I would like to thank you for your video…….I have not had much opportunity for exercise the past few months but since doing this qigong my body has felt more at ease even without exercise and the energy flow in the body is much better.” – Michael Cuddehe of Denver, Colorado
  • “The DVD is brilliant and it is so clear to follow – I can now iron out the mistakes that I am aware of, or become aware of!” – Angela Rainey
  • “Beautifully done video! Easy to learn and practice. I had never felt “Qi” from my own body before until I started this qigong. Highly recommended!” – James Waugaman of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania