Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi – Set 3

” The Shibashi Set III has some similarities with the previous two sets; however, it is much more.  Sifu Cheung has skilfully adapted the original Shibashi Set III to carry the student beyond qigong to the practice of Nei Gong (internal cultivation). Nei Gong involves working with energy on a deeper and more subtle level.  This Shibashi Set III provides the student with a straightforward introduction to Nei Gong, and is designed to seamlessly lead the committed practitioner from qigong to Nei Gong.  This is the point when one’s practice transcends physical action.  The mental aspects, intention and awareness, come into play and are essential to the movements.  It is important that you have studied the Qigong Mode & Tai Chi Posture Requirements Program, as well as Set 1 and Set 2 Home Study Courses in order to understand and appreciate the teaching of this course.

Traditionally, masters do not disclose the subtle ‘how’ and ‘why’ of the form. Sometimes the students are required to practice one motion over and over, 1000’s of times.  Hopefully, the students eventually come to a very intimate understanding of the form on their own, and reap the benefits.  This certainly develops dedicated students, but is not so practical in this modern age.

In a truly humanitarian spirit, Sifu Cheung has simplified the process and made it accessible.  As with the Qigong Mode and Tai Chi Posture Requirements Course, key concepts are presented in an easy-to-learn format.  Sifu Cheung reveals ‘secrets’ which other masters divulge only to select ‘inner circle’ students.  Many of these ‘secrets’ are very simple; however, if the master did not tell you, you’d probably not figure them out.

Intention is what brings life to the forms.  As one progresses, one understands that the precision of the form, e.g. the exact angle of the body or position of the hand is not as important as understanding the underlying elements of the form.  Remember the Wu Wei approach:  Allow things to happen naturally . . . the subtle cannot be forced.

Sifu Cheung suggests that the best way to learn this form is to watch the video, and focus on forming a connection with the master as he performs.  Just as you do when you appreciate and enjoy a masterpiece of art, you form a connection with the artist.  In this way, your subconscious will automatically pick up the essence of the form from the master.

Set III may be practiced in its entirety, in selective groups, or even as repetitions of a single movement.  This gives the students freedom to customize their Qigong routine according to their individual needs.  It is fine to practice just 1 or a few moves.  When doing so, practice at least 10 minutes each, in increments of 3 repetitions.  (81 is a good number.)

Thank you Sifu Cheung, for giving us all the opportunity to advance and reap the profound benefits of deeper practice. ”

Marianne Nakamura – Set III Home Study Course Instruction Manual Editor

View Sample Footage:   (Full video is 1.5 hour long)

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