Tai Chi Neigong Foundation Retreat with Sifu Wing Cheung’s Master

What you will learn from this 1 week retreat should be similar to what I have taught during the past 4 years in my Tai Chi Neigong Foundation workshops which are opening the eight extraordinary meridians, the micro & macro cosmic orbits, as well as activating the Yellow Court (huang ting), this is where the inner medicine is nurtured.

Prerequisites – you must achieve the following to apply this retreat:
– Dan Tian Breathing slower than 6 breaths per minute
– Clearly feel the 4 major gateways opened (lao gong and yong quan)
– Connect the dan tian with the 4 limbs (qi can pass through your 4 major gateways to the dan tian)

You can achieve the above by practicing the various internal exercises diligently from the Qigong Mode & Tai Chi Posture Requirements Level 2 Program.

Date & Time: The retreat starts from March 9, 2019 early evening and ends on March 16, 2019 late morning.

Tuition: US$700 (excluding meals and accommodation)

Location: T.B.A. (within North America), accommodation should be around US$50/night (room sharing basis)

How to Apply: Click here to download the application form.  Fill it up and send it along with your recent photo (1. Head shot that shows your face clearly, without hat/sunglasses; 2. Full body shot.  Both photos should be taken within the past 3 months) to qigong@taichi18.com  We will send you a confirmation email after we received your application.  If your application is accepted, we will contact you with all the other details about the retreat.

Deadline to Apply: December 31, 2018