3 Week Intensive Tai Chi Camp with Sifu Wing Cheung’s Master

My Master will most likely teach the slightly modified Wu style round form which he said is over 90% similar to the oldest Yang form.   The original Yang form is quite different from the popular Yang form of today.   If you are lucky, he may teach the original Yang form.  You will learn how the qi should flow, correct breathing, and various martial applications for each movement.  (Of course, you could easily apply these to other tai chi forms.)  In addition, you will learn some neigong applications and push hand techniques.

Traditionally, one should only start learning the tai chi form after he has mastered the neigong basics.  Thus, in order to apply for this retreat, you MUST practise the 2 major practices from the Tai Chi Neigong Foundation (Basic Level) diligently for at least 6 months, so that your lower and middle dan tians are activated, and you can easily direct the qi flow following a specific path to various parts of your body at will.

Date & Time: The retreat starts from August 3, 2019 early evening and ends on August 24, 2019 late morning.

Tuition: US$1900 (excluding meals and accommodation)

Location: T.B.A. (within North America), accommodation should be around US$40/night (room sharing basis)

How to Apply: Click here to download the application form.  Fill it up and send it along with 2 recent photos (1. Head shot that shows your face clearly, without hat/sunglasses; 2. Full body shot.  Both photos should be taken within the past 3 months) to qigong@taichi18.com  We will send you a confirmation email after we received your application.  If your application is accepted, we will contact you with all the other details about the retreat.

Deadline to Apply: April 30, 2019