Lene Fogsgaard


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As a part of my studies in Chinese language and culture I started my Qigong/Tai Chi formation
2012 on the net and by organizing a free and open Qigong training at the seaside in my local community for anyone interested.

I acquired my first certificate, Shibashi I, certified by Sifu Wing Cheung, dec. 2016.
This activity was followed up by a certificate in Chi walking, may 2017, and another certificate Enter the Flow, oct. 2017, certified by John Munroe, founder of Long White cloud, Australia.
Recently (nov. 2018) I passed the Shibashi II, certified by Sifu Wing Cheung.
All the way along I have been practicing Qigong/Tai Chi on a daily basis, coached several groups (among them, special storytelling qigong programs for young schoolchildren and chi walking for
people with walking difficulties). Currently I’m doing 4 weekly Shibashi sessions with 4 different groups, 2 of these on a non-profit basis and 2 of them as an assistant of my husband Borge Fogsgaard.

A lifelong teaching experience (Linguistics and Semiotics) has given me a valuable didactic foundation, and my Chinese studies have enabled me to offer different lectures on Qigong/Tai Chi
of a more theoretical kind in order to yield useful background knowledge on the “whys” and “hows” of my Qigong/Tai Chi practice.

In the coming years I intend to specialize in Qigong/Tai Chi for Seniors, healthy as well as disabled , with a special focus put on people with arthritis, fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases.

I will also continue my actual teaching:
Monday: 10-11.30, Ebeltoft Skudehavn (about 25-30 participants)
Tuesday: 17-17.30, Banevænget, Brabrand (about 10-12 partic.)
Wednesday: 10-11, Ældresagen, Ryomgaard (30-40 partic.)
Thursday: 17-18.30, AOF Kernehuset, Ebeltoft( 10 partic.)