Stephanie Calandruccio

(901) 573 7193

Stephanie Calandruccio is a dedicated teacher and proponent of Tai Chi and Qiqong. The practice of these ancient arts has played a vital role in her recovery from a serious health condition. Helping others to improve their own health and sense of well-being is the core motivation of her teaching.

The prevalence of stress and anxiety in our society is known to seriously effect the body. Tai Chi and Qiqong offer preventative options and remedies. Through the slow meditative movements of these disciplines we are taught to connect our mind with our body. We discover that we are able to build strength and stamina at our physical, mental and emotional center.

Throughout the world millions of people have turned to this long enduring traditional discipline as a means of empowering themselves to better health and a deeper happiness.

For information on Shibashi Set One workshops and classes in the mid-South United States please contact Stephanie at “Tap into Tai Chi”.