Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi – Set 2

The second set was originally developed by Master He Wei-Qi in collaboration with Professor Lin Hou-Sheng back in the early 80s and has been promoted to millions throughout Asia. The movements of the second set are slightly more complicated and physically demanding than the first set. It is also not as easy to remember as the first; nonetheless, it is still much simpler than the traditional Tai Chi Chuan.

Master Cheung meet with Master He on 2006 in Shanghai to discuss all the details of the 2nd set and the possibilities of modifying it. The version on this DVD has been slightly modified from the original to make it much easier to remember, and without taking away any benefits. In this DVD, Master Cheung utilized the mirror technique so that he can be seen performing the form from different angles at the same time. The poster is an excellent tool for learning the 2nd set. With the DVD and poster, one should be able to master the 2nd set in about a week.

Since the movements of the 2nd set are more physically demanding than the 1st set, one should perform the 1st set (maybe just two repetitions for each movement), as a warm up, before the 2nd set. This new DVD also includes proper closing techniques to be done after the qigong exercise.

The 1st set is more focused on opening the meridians of the arms. That is why most people are able to feel the qi on their palms after practicing the 1st set. The 2nd set is more focused on opening the meridians of the legs. Not only it is very good for improving ones balancing ability, people practicing this qigong feel differences when they meditate. During meditation, people often feel numbness in their legs when they sit cross legged or in a kneeling position for a long period of time. That is because the qi cannot flow thru freely on their legs. This numbness sensation makes it hard for the practitioners to enter low alpha or theta mind state for deep meditation.  Since the 2nd set is more focused on opening the meridians of the legs, thus enabling practitioners to experience deeper mediation. The 2nd set is also an especially good preparation for those who wish to practice Zhan Zhuang, (standing qigong) which is a very good practice for accumulating qi.

Some benefits of the 2nd Set:

  • All the benefits of the 1st set, plus …
  • Opens up the meridians of the legs
  • Improves ones balancing ability
  • Improves Zhan Zhuang (standing qigong) experience
  • Achieves deeper meditation when sitting cross legged or kneed
  • Better body coordination
  • More endurance
  • “I received the video approx 18 days ago.  As soon as I got home, I started practicing daily and to my delightful surprise I noticed these my balance has improved considerably, pain on legs has diminished, my overall health is improving and last but not least, I’m sleeping much much better.” – Carmen Tellez of Bisbee, Arizona
  • “Thank you so much for your video.  I practice every morning as I get up and it has single handedly focus and calm my mind and body and makes me ready for the days challenges ahead. When I don’t use it there is a visible change in my demeanor, and I go back to being either cranky or depress with mood swings and given to relying on vices to alleviate my mind. Not even meditating for me could produce the results that I get from 10 minutes of qigong.” – Orland Blake of Nassau, Bahamas
  • “I received your video back in May and I think it is great. I usually did it twice, sometimes twice a day in the beginning. My mild acne has greatly improved and my skin is clearer. I felt deeply relaxed after my 3rd or 4th session and that happened 2 hours after I did the exercise. I can feel warm much quicker now as I am getting a better sense of how to work with the chi. I am getting my mother to learn it and she seems to enjoy it.” – Paula Lucidi of Hamilton, Canada

DVD Video:

  • More than 1 hour of instructional video
  • Includes the proper closing technique
  • You are able to see the front and back views at the same time
  • The screen tells you exactly when to breathe
  • Soothing background music by Oliver Shanti & Friends
  • Subtitles available for the hearing impaired
  • No region code for DVD
  • Also available in MP4 format

View Sample Footage:

Instruction Manual:

  • Detail description of the 18 movements, the 2 stances and the closing technique.
  • Covers the common mistakes of the form
  • Extra information for you to get the full benefits of doing qigong
  • More than 80 illustrations
  • Professionally printed in magazine size
  • Available in PDF format
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Practice Aid – Folded Poster:

  • Display all the 18 movements with movement names
  • Help you memorize the movements easily
  • 23.4 inch x 16.5 inch (594mm x 420mm)
  • Also available in PDF format for high quality printing
  • “I have been doing the 1st and 2nd sets for awhile – my improvement has been amazing – fell better, move better, sleep better, more energy.” – Robert Kelley of USA
  • “I just want to say that the Qigong Shibashi DVD which I bought is the easiest to use that I have discovered. It is very easy to follow, definitely the best I have seen.” – Arnold Ronning, MD

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